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Sindhi Culture:
Culture of a nation is an aspect of ultimate values. These values, possessed by a particular society, are expressed in that society's collective institutions. Culture, in a sense is an essence, within the boundaries of which individuals live by. They express these cultural values in their dispositions, habits, feelings, passions, attitudes and manners. Sindhi culture belongs to that unique group of people with the sense of common history and common traditions, as well as multiplication of common interests. All these gave rise to the flowering and flourishing of that great Sindhi civilization.

Old & Basic Culture of Sindh Province

Sindh has its specific culture. Culture is, no doubt, quite an abstract term inspite of the veritability of the physical and mental existence. Every society has to pass through the idealistic phase in its mental make-up and some shades of a cultural group's mental make-up defy any attempt at complete erasure. In their journey through time the people of Sindh had adopted ultimate standards, which through practice, has become norms and absolutes, known as culture.



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